Bioclimatic Pergola


An outdoor space of modern design provides protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow and other elements.


It guarantees exceptional quality of outdoor living. The BioClimatic Pergola is characterised by modern design and has a high level of visual and thermal comfort features and options available.


The rotating blades of the Pergola provide excellent protection from the sun, all the while providing beneficial ventilation to the area.


The blades are designed to channel excess water through integral drainage within support columns.


The quality construction provides the BioClimatic Pergola with a high degree of resistance to strong wind.


Benifits of a BioClimatic Pergola


  • Protection from the sun


  • Effective ventilation


  • Water proof and invisible drainage


  • Freestanding or Wall mountable installation



  • Integrated infrared heating in the horizontal beams


  • Integrated LED lighting


  • Can be fully enclosed with either Glass, Rising or sliding Screens