High strength, high tensile parasol

stainless steel 316 frame,

fire retardant canopy

options for heating and lighting.


Tested to WIND FORCE 11 - BS Certified to withstand wind speeds over 100km/h.

Vortex parasols will stay up and open far longer than any other parasol or awning on the market.


Designed and manufactured in England. Standard with up to a 10 limited year warranty!


Sizes Available

Size (m) Shape Fabric Frame

2.8 square Ferrari PVC fabric 316 stainless steel


4.2 square Ferrari PVC fabric 316 stainless steel


4 x 3 rectangle Ferrari PVC fabric 316 stainless steel


Heating - We offer high grade Heaters. For fully integrated heating we offer a heater hub to allow the connection of up to 4 heaters.


Heaters can also be retro fitted to parasols that have already been installed, using our retro fitted heaters with either 2 or 4 heaters.


Lighting - Is pole mounted, using a light ring with 4 adjustable spot lights. These are supplied as standard with 50W standard bulbs but we are also able to offer an upgrade to coloured LED bulbs.


In Ground Base

For permanent fixing of the Vortex parasols. An in ground base provides the best stability for the product. Electrical cables can be run through the ground through the ground base, completely hiding them.









Deck Mount

Flat steel plate to be bolted to an existing solid surface. This provides a permanent fix in situations where it is not possible to install a ground base.







Mobile base

Large steel base with concrete slabs. This allows for a non-permanent fix and although very heavy, this installation does allow the parasol to be moved.vortex mobile parasol base.









Existing ground bases

It is possible to install Vortex parasols into existing parasol bases from a number of manufacturers. Any ground base designed to accept a pole diameter of 76mm and more can be catered for. We can modify the parasol here to allow installation to existing ground bases. Please note that any warranty does not cover damage caused by failure of the existing ground base or bolts.